Meet Our Team

James R. Palmer, Kyoshi

James R. Palmer, Kyoshi

Ashleigh M. Palmer,   Renshi

Ashleigh M. Palmer, Renshi

Steve M. Postlewait,   Renshi

Steve M. Postlewait, Renshi

A direct descendant of Master Seikichi Odo through his long-standing instructor Hanshi Dan Kennedy and Hanshi Bill Marron, Kyoshi Palmer began his training in 1984. He founded the Olathe Karate Academy in 1999 and is proud to continue a great legacy of traditional martial arts. He has trained with other Master Instructors such as Professor Roger Greene, Hanshi Ken Baker, Hanshi Terry Bryan and Hanshi Raymond Montoya just to name a few. Having earned black belts in multiple systems, Kyoshi Palmer’s current ranks are as follows:

6th Degree, Okinawan Kenpo

5th Degree, Okinawan Jujitsu

4th Degree, Okinawan Weapons

1st Degree, Hawaiian Kempo

He also demonstrates great diversity of life with a degree in Piano Performance from William Jewell College. Studying music since the age of 6 years old, he now not only owns and operates the Olathe Karate Academy, but he also is a professional musician and recording artist. For more information visit

A competitive high school and collegiate athlete (Benedictine College), Renshi Ashleigh Palmer began her training at the age of 16. Hard work and dedication have helped her to become one of the leading female martial artists in the United States Kenpo Kobujitsu organization. As Kyoshi Palmer’s senior student, she brings highly knowledgeable and skilled instruction to all of her students. Renshi Palmer's current ranks are as follows:


5th Degree, Okinawan Kenpo

3rd Degree, Okinawan Weapons

3rd Degree, Okinawan Jujitsu



Being a mother of three young children hasn’t slowed her down either. Renshi Ashleigh is avid into physical fitness, serves as a personal trainer, models professionally and even competed in the Mrs. Kansas pageant.

Renshi Steve Postlewait, a graduate of Rockhurst College with a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry, is one of the founding members of Olathe Karate Academy. He began his training in March of 2000 and has been loyal ever since. He brings a unique perspective and energetic approach to classes he instructs. Renshi Postlewait's current ranks are as follows:



5th Degree, Okinawan Kenpo

2nd Degree, Okinawan Jujitsu

2nd Degree, Okinawan Weapons


Renshi Postlewait is also a key team member of his family business, MBS Inc. as well as a proud father of three girls.

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