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The Olathe Karate Academy is an educational facility offering high quality instruction in the traditional martial arts of Okinawan Kenpo Karate, Weapons and Jujitsu.

Olathe Karate Academy

A traditional school of Okinawan descent, we believe that the Martial Arts can be a great activity for the entire family. Not only do we teach solid, fundamental self-defense, but our academy focuses on core values and principles needed to succeed in every aspect of life!

Kyoshi James R. Palmer (6th Degree Black Belt) and his wife, Renshi Ashleigh Palmer (5th Degree Black Belt), lead the Olathe Karate Academy's team of certified instructors.  "It is our goal to help each and every one of our students reach their highest potential.  We strive to teach and train in a way that truly matters!"

"I have found the Olathe Karate Academy to be a fun and family friendly environment where I can learn martial art skills along side of my children. When at the Olathe Karate Academy, I feel at home and like I am a part of a large family. My children and I always have fun there and enjoy many benefits at a GREAT value!"

                                                                                                              -Nate McGuire

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